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March 22 2017

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My Halloween costume? Cyborg ninja

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Okay… Here it is… Holy hell…

An exploration of these two before Jesse was adopted. 

March 21 2017

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lmao @marshonthemellow-primary and i have some very angsty hcs 

this was another patreon reward for marsh

McCree using the word “pa” gives me life but also how dare you draw him sad

Lmao because i love to make myself cry 

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When your team doesn’t protect you as lucio

blatant lies, my team would be dumping me off the stretcher just to let me down one last time

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You come to the realization that the tall metal fences surrounding the orphanage aren’t made to keep the children safe from the public, but to keep the public safe from what’s inside.

a child

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Most days Hanzo has no clue what Mccree says

I gave them matching serapes so I didnt have to draw that tattoo




me doing japanese homework:

wait a minute….

this makes so much more sense now???

Why didn’t this meme come with a translator’s note





no bottlecap we drink like men

risk it all

I go to Barger Kin and play on hard mode

fucking amateurs…..





The problem with suicidal thoughts is that they’re not just there when your sad. You’ll be there, chillin, reading a book or talking to a friend and you’ll think ‘This is nice. But do you know what would be better? Death.’

@lumos-vs-nox   This is referred to as “mild suicidal ideation“ or the desire for suicide without substantial action behind it. It often happens when someone deals with prolonged mental health issues and suicidality at a young age. When you’re young, we go through a period where our neural pathways completely rearrange- the things that happen to us at that time will influence these changes. In a way, suicidal ideation becomes an ingrained coping mechanism. A sort of “well at least suicide is always there for me”. Your brain is part-muscle, it remembers things, it learns, it’s super great at adapting, this is just a reflex. It doesn’t mean you are weak, it doesn’t mean you aren’t in recovery.

thank you for posting this, you turned a feeling many people have into words!

this is what healthy people don’t get

this is so important SO IMPORTANT

and i didn’t know this until right now and it like changed my whole outlook on my illness and recovery 

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the second poster from my fake vintage ad for monsters serie after 84 years

because it’s hard not to hit an artery when you’re hungry

More vintage ad by monsters, for monsters:








It kind of baffles me that a lot of people never got to experience the Mishapocalypse. Not like it was something that was good, more like, it was something you’d only see on this website in like…10 years.

Imagine you wake up on April Fool’s day. You log into tumblr. Immediately your dash is encompassed with Misha’s face. Everyone’s icon has been changed to that same, staring, blank face. You check your followers. Every single one of them has that face. You try going into your normal tags. Even those are filled with Misha’s face. Nowhere is safe. Misha is everywhere. You go to Twitter to complain about it. Misha’s face is there too.

Within hours of the event starting, there’s already a wiki entry and an urban dictionary entry for it. Gifs that you may have recognized of being popular at that time have Misha’s face photoshopped over them. Repeating patterns of Misha’s face. Misha illusions. Misha’s face OVER MISHA’S FACE

Eventually, even Misha is like, “Yeah, this is fucking weird. What the fuck are you guys doing.” But it doesn’t stop. People hit post limit. They can’t post anymore. Suddenly, you notice that your dash is starting to thin out, slowly, one by one. There’s a hypothetical tumbleweed bouncing across your dash by 10pm that night. 

Anyone who tried to blacklist the Mishapocalypse suddenly found that their dashboard was sent into the shadow realm. Nothing is there. They tried to unfollow people who were participating in it. They had no blog content at the end of the day. 

The next day, we all wake up and continue on with our lives like nothing ever happened. It was like a fever dream. What the fucked happened. Where did our lives go for that day. 

That was the Mishapocalypse. 

It looked a little something like this

and it was absolute hell

It was over within like a day though that was he weird part. There were stragglers through the following weeks but the main bit was over within hours it was the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen

I think the most baffling thing is that whoever set this up did it without it leaking. and it originated from a fandom that had all the subtlety of a foghorn. this was the fandom that used to put those REBLOG IF U SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE posts on your dash with 5000 flashing rainbow gifs and superwholock edits. A wide variety of image macros were premade for the occasion. it was literally the single slickest moment this website has ever and probably will ever pull off and so of fucking course it was wasted on this nonsense

Never forget the mishapocolypse

March 20 2017

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I’ve been meaning to start a serie of fake vintage ad’s for monster for a while because is there anything better than good old monsters and stylish advertisement 

the answer is no 

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I fucking love the indie games industry


‘but how are my kids supposed to sing along to moana if it’s in another language?’ the same way i sang along to lion king brenda tell your bitch ass kids to up their fucking game

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